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Our Founder

“The Difference between something good and something great is attention to detail”

Nick Catreau is a craftsman that operates UntriedDesigns on the principle of creating new and innovative furniture designs that bring out the most from the materials used in production and brings character to the room it furnishes.

Our Story

This all began as a passion project to create furniture out of beautiful live edge wood for personal use. We noticed that our pieces were getting a lot of attention from friends that saw them and we decided to give this hobby a chance to grow into something more. 1 year later we are proud to say that we have a growing loyal customer base and partner relations that we cherish.

Untried Designs is local. We manufacture everything in our warehouse in Richmond Hill as one of the few Ontario-based live edge furniture manufacturers.

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Our Mission

Our mission

We work to re-imagine the possibilities for live edge wood furniture design and bring unique and long-lasting pieces to our clients homes.

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Sustainable Supply

We are proud to say that we source our wood through sustainable means- only taking logs that were needed to be cut down anyways

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Quality Craftsmanship

All of our pieces are hand made by myself and my team with great attention to detail to ensure a stunning finished piece.

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Untried Designs

We work with live edge wood because of its unique form and shape- every piece is one of a kind- and we aim to enhance it by matching it with a perfect design.

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