Charcuterie Board- Metal Handles - Black Walnut- Live Edge

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Our live edge charcuterie boards are sourced from locally grown Walnut trees. Handmade, with extreme attention to detail, precise tools, and the finest materials. They’re great for serving at your next house party and for daily use.

A board also makes the perfect gift for new homeowners and newlyweds. Because each board is unique, you’ll ‘wow’ every guest and giftee!

Each charcuterie board is made to a premium standard and will vary in wood-stain pattern, and live edge. 

* The length of each board will be what you select above. The width may vary between 10-12 inches, because of the natural curve in the wood. *

* All boards are 100% food-safe, treated with mineral oil and shipped with an extra-smooth bee’s wax finish (it smells amazing!) *

Designed with metal handles, this board is easy to pick up, store, and maintain.
* To take care of your board simply wipe off with a wet towel and continue regular use. *

So, what are you waiting for!? - Order one for yourself to own a completely unique serving board or deliver the perfect gift to a lucky couple, homeowner, and dear friend!

If you have any questions or concerns about our products - Contact us at contact@untrieddesigns.com.